Biodynamic Agricultural College

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What is Biodynamics?

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Our Vision-


We envisage a world in which the supply of high quality nutritious food for local communities is brought about by self-empowered people carrying out meaningful work on biodynamic holdings.


Biodynamics (with spiritual science as the underlying logic) is a challenging concept in a world which is dominated by materialistic science. Being introduced to biodynamics and its anthroposophical foundations is often a shock to the system for many new students – but often acts as a trigger for life changing events. People find new meaning to their life while they go through the programmes at the Biodynamic Agricultural College, they live and work together with other people who go through a similar process, and often they make friends for life. People grow in their relationships to the land and the environment around them, to the other people in the learning community and in the relationships to themselves and their own life’s paths.

We are deeply aware of our responsibility towards our students to provide an effective educational process which provides the conditions for self-transformation and empowerment which in turn helps our students to find direction and meaning in their lives.


Our Values-



The purpose of the Biodynamic Agricultural College is to facilitate personal growth and development through the learning of biodynamic skills and so provide our community with trained biodynamic practitioners. As a centre of expertise in the biodynamic movement we develop and disseminate biodynamic and organisational skills and techniques.

You can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that created it (A. Einstein)

Growing people, growing food- Our Vision, Values and Purpose

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