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What is Biodynamics?

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Biodynamic Agriculture Training-

The art of farming!


Imagine you had a plot of land, say 20 acres, perhaps 200 or even 5,000 acres: What would you do with it? Rear cows, sheep, goats, grow field vegetables or grain, coppice woodland or all of the above? It is a dream shared by many; to get good quality food, quality of life, support the local community, be supported by them and make a living- all at once! This course is all about you and that plot of land!


60,000 new farmers are needed in the next decade in the UK to fill all the positions of retiring farmers. The average age of farmers in the UK is 58, and half of all farmers do not have a successor to take over the farm when they retire.


Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the above news and statistics regarding global warming and peak oil, many young people want to do something now! They want to be part of the solutions for food production for today and tomorrow. Sustainable farming methods are emerging but more research and study needs to be done, and soon!


The earliest and most established form of modern sustainable agriculture is Biodynamic Farming.


Biodynamic farming offers very efficient tools and techniques for food production, bringing back the concept of the farm organism. Which is a mixed farm where optimum recycling of nutrients, waste and energy takes place. It is also a place of beauty and healing.


During the training students study plants and animals from a holistic perspective. They explore what conventional science has to offer in connection with the soil, plants and technology. With this in mind, the students learn how to drive a tractor and to maintain farm equipment. They learn how to milk and feed livestock and how to calculate fodder rations.


Our unique approach to learning explores biodynamic farming through the arts, through philosophy and through practical activities.  The Biodynamic Agriculture course is an all-round training for students who would like to run their own smallholding or enterprise!


Graduates from our course run biodynamic farms on all continents, they work in therapeutic centres, run community farm projects, are involved in the Transition Town Networks, and they produce wholesome food without destroying the Earth.


The course is an accredited Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Agriculture: this means that you can apply for a Career Development Loan or an Adult Learning Grant. At the end of the course you get an officially certified qualification.


The training consists of six months college-based learning, followed by a six month’s work placement, after which students come back for the final six months at the college. Depending on your experience we recommend 2-3 months work placement on a farm prior to starting the course.


If you want to be part of the change, to a social, spiritual, human and ecological form of farming, then a career in biodynamic farming is for you.


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Course leaders:

Juergen Schumacher

Nir Halfon

The art of Farming