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The Biodynamic Agricultural College in partnership with The Working Horse Trust of East Sussex, is delighted to announce the addition of a Foundation course in Working Horsemanship to its curriculum. As of October 2011 and as part of the L3 accredited course in Biodynamic Agriculture, 2nd year students will now have a chance to learn about working in partnership with horses.


The Biodynamic approach of working horses in its holistic sense is what the students of the Biodynamic Agricultural College in Forest Row will be exploring in their second year as trainee farmers and growers. For more than technical skills alone, honouring the Horse as a partner on all those levels is a matter of understanding who they are, how they function and feel, and what they need from us in the partnership too. The Horsemanship module therefore entails natural horse husbandry and care, equine phenomenology and psychology, equine body and posture language, leadership from the heart and spiritual connection.

The BDAC is planning to open in October 2012 a class in applied Working Horsemanship, combining Natural Horsemanship and Biodynamics in a six-month course dedicated only to horses in the farming environment. If you are interested in the course please fill your details below and add ‘Horsemanship’ in the comment section