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What is Biodynamics?

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Biodynamic Horticulture


Grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers – the biodynamic horticulture training provides you with the skills to make the most of a small area! Did you know that you can grow all the fruit and vegetables for 25 families on just 1 acre? And that you can start your own organic or biodynamic market garden on a shoestring budget?

This course is for people who would like to make a change, and want to make it now! Don’t wait, learn on this course all the skills and knowledge on how to grow organic vegetables, fruit, herbs and cut flowers, all of which there is a huge demand for. After the course, rent or buy your own land and get started in this exciting field of work! Graduates of the course find the job of their life in various community gardening projects in cities and towns. This is an area that is expected to increase even more in the years to come.


Why biodynamic? Organic horticulture is great! Biodynamic horticulture is even better! It adds something special to the organic method. We use special herbal preparations on our fields and crops in order to balance the forces of growth and reproduction. We can use the moon calendar to grow crops that are even stronger and healthier which often taste better and keep longer in winter storage. We want to be able to work creatively, or even artistically in order to create gardens and holdings that not only feed or stomachs but also nourish our souls. The keywords are beauty and balance…


The course is an accredited Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Horticulture: this means that you can apply for a Career Development Loan or an Adult Learning Grant and at the end of the course you get an official qualification. During the course we cover all aspects of organic and biodynamic horticulture. Subjects covered include: Soil science, plant propagation, developing a crop rotation, sowing, weed control, pest and disease management, harvesting and storage techniques, soft and top fruit production, tree pruning, grafting trees, production of perennials (herbs and cut flowers), production under glass or polytunnels, beekeeping, etc, etc. This is the ideal course for everyone who would like to make a living from a small area of land by growing vegetables, fruit, herbs or cut flowers for the local and regional market.


The course consists of six months college-based learning, followed by a six month’s work placement, after which students come back for the final six months at the college. Depending on your experience we recommend 2-3 months work placement on a garden prior to starting the course.

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Course leaders:

Arjen Huese

Grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers