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Introduction to Biodynamic and Preparation making              top

With: Juergen Schumacher

Date: 26/09/2011- 29/09/2011

Cost: £180


This is a short yet in depth introduction to the fundamentals of Biodynamic Farming. The four days course will include history, foundations of Biodynamics, a look at the biodynamic preparations. In the afternoon there will be sessions where the preparations will be prepared. The course will conclude with a festive celebration of Michaelmass.


Introduction to Plant Phenomenology   top

With: Jonathan Code

Date: 03/10/2011- 06/10/2011

Cost: £180


This four-day course is an introduction to plant phenomenology. We will work with plants from a variety of perspectives including Goethean phenomenology, spagyrics and an alchemical understanding of plant processes, evolutionary themes in plant morphology. Through a combination of presentation, collaborative research, simple experiments and group work we will enter this study of the remarkable world of plants. Through these collaborative study and research days we will come closer to an understanding of the potential for plants to contribute to health and well being – in ourselves, our gardens and farms , and in the wider community of nature.


(please bring sketch books or journals and suitable clothing for being outdoors)


Jonathan Code is the Head of Programme Team for the Hiram Education and Research Department of the Crossfields Institute. He has taught practical chemistry, phenomenology and nature study to learners of all ages for many years. He obtained  his BA through the California Institute of Integral Studies with a thesis on plant phenomenology and a Goethean approach to the study of the showy milkweed. He is currently undertaking Master’s research with the Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo, Norway. Jonathan continues to teach staff at Ruskin Mill Trust Colleges, Biodynamic apprentice seminars and adults in both the UK and abroad.   



Principles of Plant and Soil Science       top  

With: Nir Halfon and Arjen Huese

Date: 10/10/2011- 03/11/2011 (Monday- Thursday, Mornings only, please see below)

Cost: £420


Study the foundations of plant and soil. Learn about the way plants grow and function and about the structure and life of the soil. Both are essential to anyone who works in farming and gardening. Classes will include theoretical studies and laboratory work.This is an opportunity to join the full tome course in learning the foundations of plant and soil science. Plant science classes will take place between 8:30-10:00 Monday to Thursday for a period of three weeks. Soil Science class takes place between 10:30-12:30 Monday to Thursday for the whole four weeks.


Access to Land pre-Conference Gathering    top

For Future Farmers and Growers


Date: 09/11/2011- 10/11/2011

Cost: £15


Let the future speak! Join the pre-conference gathering to have your say on your future as a farmer or grower.


Access to land is one of the main stumbling blocks for many new entrants to the farming and gardening world. From small urban plots, through long waiting lists for allotments and the high prices of agricultural land, it is a challenge for many to put a new spade in the ground.

Today there are new and alternative ways in which one can gain access to land. Join this exciting event to find more about how you can find your plot of land.

This unique event is for new farmers and gardeners and anyone who is studying farming or gardening. Apprentices, agriculture and horticulture students and individuals who are thinking of starting their own enterprise are invited to participate.

During the event there will be talks by speakers who work with alternative land schemes and workshops to explore solutions. In addition, the gathering will be an opportunity to meet, network and make connections.

Following the gathering, the main Biodynamic association’s conference on ‘The Future of Agriculture’ will begin (10-13/11/2011). During the conference there will be time to report and discuss the results of the gathering with a wider audience. Booking for the Pre-conference and the conference is through the Biodynamic Association website here


There are limited places at the College and some basic accommodation(sleeping bags on the floor for a nominal charge of £5/night).



Biodynamic Conference 2011-          top

The Future of Agriculture - a Biodynamic approach


Date: 10/11/2011- 13/11/2011

Cost: £150 (meals incl)


With a dynamic mix of keynote speakers, workshops on topical biodynamic issues and "world cafe" discussion space, this conference will be of great interest to farmers and growers (young and old) working within the organic/ biodynamic and wider sustainable movement.  It will also appeal to producers and consumers who would like to find out more about biodynamics or deepen an existing connection. All welcome! There will also be a chance see biodynamic farming in practice at the inspiring, nearby Demeter certified  Tablehurst Farm during the event. The event is organised by the Biodynamic Association, for more information see here>


Animal Phenemonolgy         top

With: Werner Wecker

Date: 12/12/2011- 15/12/2011

Cost: £180


This course is led by the well-known and well-loved German farmer/priest/therapist Werner Wecker. Werner works on his small biodynamic farm in Germany without any machinery, only with horses. He uses his farm as the background for his therapeutic work

where he works miracles with depressed young people. The farm also functions as a hospice for dying children - Werner can speak passionately about how animals can help overcome fear of pain and death in dying people; and help them to go over the threshold.


Don't miss this very special course, where Werner will take you through the animal world in a way you could never imagine - and find the corresponding animal within yourself. Highly recommended!


Introduction to Poultry keeping    top

With: Pammy Riggs

Date: 30/01/2012- 03/02/2012

Cost: £180


More information TBC...

Keeping the highest welfare standards and alternative methods a priority in all aspects of practical poultry keeping, Pammy Riggs, a hands-on farmer herself, is also ‘Chicken Whisperer’ to the River Cottage team and writes regularly on poultry and smallholding subjects.



Bees                                                 top

With: Michael Kientzler

Date: 12/03/2012- 15/03/2012

Cost: £60


More information TBC...



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