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Updates- What is happening at the college

Now that the work of the College is well under way again our attention turns to making the college more accessible.  Our first priority must be to create a bursary fund to support students who can not afford private education.  I am very pleased to report that the Biodynamic Agricultural College is launching a broad based appeal to funders to support this goal.  Supporting a bursary fund for biodynamic education is good for youngsters, good for society and good for the Earth.


Since our last newsletter 11 students have graduated and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them all.  We are so proud and happy at the thought of the positive work that they will go on to contribute to our world.


With all good wishes for the summer,




With best wishes,


Sebastian Parsons


Chair, Biodynamic Association


Online Course in Biodynamics





The staff at the Biodynamic Agricultural College is busy at the moment developing an online course in biodynamics. The course will consist of 10 core modules and several optional ones. For each module we are writing a module book with the core text, and we are also filming 40 video clips this summer to accompany the online learning. We have been doing pilot films with three professional production companies, and we have just selected the best one - by the end of June we will be in the spot light, explaining the ins and outs of biodynamics in an interactive way!


The first module, "Introduction into Biodynamics" will go 'live' in January 2012, followed by "Farm Organism", "Spray Preparations" and "Astronomy". There will also be some optional modules, covering applied biodynamics, such as "Urban Food Production" - which is an increasingly relevant topic in the many urban areas of the world.


We have started taking applications for the first modules and the first bookings have already come in! This course is being developed because of the huge amount of interest in biodynamics in many parts of the world - but often people are unable to travel to the UK, or take time out of work or family commitments. We do expect people to be connected to agriculture or horticulture in their daily life, such as working on a farm or having a large allotment. The modules consist of the module books, online content, video clips and of course study and practical exercises that the course participants are required to do at home.


If you would like to know more, please visit our online course page at: ml



Please don't forget, when you buy things online you can help us by going through the EasyFundraising website - and the retailer will make a donation to the college at no cost to you!    

If you would like to help us raise funds in this way, please go to:











Working with Horses


From this year onwards the students on the Biodynamic Organic Agriculture Training and the Biodynamic Organic Horticulture Training will be offered the possibility to train in working with horses as part of their course. For this we have started a cooperative project with the Working Horse Trust based in nearby Eridge.


The future of fossil fuel is uncertain, and many students realise this - and are very interested to explore alternatives to tractors and machines. Working with horses is an extremely rewarding practice, and we are excited to be able to offer our students the possibility to learn some of the basic skills in working with horses.

We are looking at the possibilities of offering a new course alongside the existing agriculture and horticulture courses - specifically in the art of working with horses on biodynamic farms. Watch this space - and if you are interested in a course in "Biodynamic Working Horsemanship" please let us know!


Cooperation with College in Ghana
















Earlier this week we signed an agreement with Job's Agricultural College in Ghana about the Biodynamic Agricultural College helping them with the training of 20-40 new teachers in organic and biodynamic agriculture! Job's Agricultural College is an established college near the port city of Tema in Ghana, where youngsters, often from very poor backgrounds, are receiving professional training in farming skills. With these skills and knowledge, the young people go back to the countryside where they usually have access to the family farm, in order to convert the farm to organic or biodynamic cultivation. These young people are then able to make a living for themselves and their families from growing both self-sufficiency crops as well as cash crops for the local market or even for export. Ghana is one of the largest exporters of cocoa, and has also an ideal climate for other tropical crops such as coffee, rubber, papaya and vanilla.


At the moment we are trying to raise the necessary funds so that this exciting project can get off to a good start - if you are willing to help financially, please make send your cheques to the address at the bottom of this email, with a not that the money is for the "Ghana Project". I would also be very happy to send you the complete project description, a 15 page document which shows what, when and why we are doing this.


We can also take donations through Paypal: send your donations to



Beautiful wedding graduate students


Robert Tilsley and Becky Elco, both graduates of the Biodynamic Agricultural College, married last week in a beautiful ceremony held in the sheep barn at Tablehurst Farm. Robert is the vegetable grower at this unique biodynamic community farm, and Becky is responsible for the three residents with special needs. Rob graduated in 2008 and subsequently worked on a vegetable farm in Herefordshire. Last year he took over as the vegetable grower at Tablehurst Farm, expanding the cropping area from four acres to six and increasing the number of polytunnels from three to seven! Most of his vegetables are sold through the Tablehurst Farm shop.

Becky is originally from Canada and has worked on a number of organic farms in her home country. Two years ago she decided she wanted to do a formal training and she enrolled on the Biodynamic Organic Agriculture Training. In March this year she graduated with excellent grades. Together Rob and Becky are the most wonderful young farming couple - and we wish them the best of luck in a happy married life!



Arjen Huese, College Principal